Thais Nepomuceno

Born in February 1987 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thais has emerged as a luminary in the world of art, as a filmmaker and a talented light designer. Her journey commenced in the favela of Vigário Geral. Thais's affinity for lighting design was kindled during her formative years, as she engaged in cultural programs at Lona Cultural João Bosco and Lona Cultural Jacob do Bandolim. These early experiences laid the groundwork for her artistic pursuits, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Since 2001, Thais has been an integral part of the cultural tapestry within marginalized communities. Notably, her work at the Tanztage Berlin festivals in 2021 and 2022 showcased her in illuminating performances such as "cyberghosts", "evening.haiku" and "Lounge". The latter two performances, being part of 8:tension New choreographers at Impulstanz Performance Festival, in Vienna - Austria.

Moreover, Thais's contributions as a light designer extended to the performance "Tirana", showcased at prestigious venues including museums like Serralves in Porto, Portugal and stages like Radialsystem in Berlin.

In addition to her prowess as a light designer, Thais has made her mark as a filmmaker and researcher. Her cinematic talents shine in her work as a researcher for documentaries such as "Clandestine Soul" by Jose Barahona and "Unser Wald Brennt," exhibited at ProSieben. Her short documentary "Family Portrait" has been selected for film festivals, including Encontro de Cinema Negro 16 anos and the International Frauen Theatre Festival in Frankfurt. The feature length documentary "Herdeiros" has also been selected for Encontro de Cinema Negro 16 and some other festivals in Brazil and Germany, further solidifying her status as a filmmaker with a keen eye for stories that deserve to be told.

Photo credit Oumu Photography Berlin