HERZEN. ZWISCHEN. Vulkanen is a dance performance featuring six performers and original music. It explores the origin of life and evolution while simultaneously alluding to the cycles in which we, as humans, are entwined: life and death as a constant process of transformation. Even our own cells are continually recreated and destroyed, such as the complete renewal of our skin every four to six weeks, for example. The theme of the performance, the emergence and origins of life, acquires a performative quality through the sounds of the bodies and the examination of the movement of each performer's spine.

In the production by the tanzfähig company, the inner space of the performers' bodies intersects with their sounds, and the outer space with their movements. Similarly, the space of the audience and the space of the performers blend into one another. This results in a piece where the audience can directly experience the movement and individuality of each performer on stage and become immersed in the performance. It becomes evident that, despite their differences, everyone is alike and subject to the same processes of life.