Metabolic Museum-University:

Report on Prototypes and Ominous Objects

Photos Credits: © Eva Stenram

In the framework of the Metabolic Museum–University (MM–U), associate curator Clémentine Deliss investigates, together with a group of peers, the conceptual potential and underlying politics of collecting in the city of Berlin. In 2021, the circle of colleagues of the MM–U will continue shaping an expanded technique of interpretation and remediation based on the transdisciplinary and visual analysis of diverse private and public collections in Berlin. Assemblages formed from historical and contemporary artworks, artefacts, documents, recordings, and ephemera will animate a series of experimental “Debating Chambers” to be held at KW and other venues in Berlin. As it progresses, the Metabolic Museum–University will expand to include “Companions,” an associated group of young researchers who will work closely with the MM–U and delve deeper into the holdings of Berlin’s neighborhood museums and university collections. The generative process of the MM–U and the outcome of its inquiries will be presented in a publication and comprehensive exhibition to be held at KW in 2023.

Clémentine Deliss, Associate Curator at KW, expands on the developments of the Metabolic Museum-University (MM-U) at KW, and discusses transversal methods for working with collections. As part of her talk, she will present new photographic works by artist Eva Stenram, and screen two films by artist Jakob Karpus, and Brazilian documentary filmmaker Thais Nepomuceno. The films focus on the dramaturgy of the MM-U’s “Debating Chamber” held last year at KW, with interventions by BLESS, Calum Bowden, Ruth Buchanan, Kristian Vistrup Madsen, Tom McCarthy, Santiago Mostyn, Matt Mullican and many others.

A film by Thais Nepomuceno
Curator: Dr. Clémentine Deliss
Curatorial Research and Coordination: Dr. Margareta von Oswald
Curatorial Assistance: Sarah Wessel
Members: BLESS, Matthias Bruhn, Iman Issa, Augustin Maurs, Tom McCarthy, Henrike Naumann, Azu Nwagbogu, Margareta von Oswald, Manuel Raeder, El Hadj Abdoulaye Sène, Krista Belle Stewart, Luke Willis Thompson

2020 – 2023